What is The HarpellaTM?

The Harpella TM has a patented design (U.S. Patent No. 8,569,608) and is a unique electric harp that uses digital technology to perform many features never before possible....

How Does it Work?

The Harpella has individual optical pick-ups on each string which uses light to electrify the vibration of the string. The electrical version of the vibration of the string is changed into independent digital signals. By using a proprietary software (running on a touch-screen laptop computer) these signals are transposed to form any key or scale desired with the touch of one switch or pedal. The Harpella is made of clear acrylic which is lit up by high powered LEDs. These LEDs are triggered by the sound and frequencies of the strings or can be set to any color in the rainbow.

What are the Main Features of The Harpella? No harp has ever had these features UNTIL NOW!...

Instant Key Changes - with one touch of a screen or foot pedal

Strings Always in Tune - digital output of each individual string is always perfectly in tune

Portability - travels in a case slightly larger than a bass guitar; take to a gig or rehearsal or on a plane with ease

Strings Light Up With High Powered LED's:
- easy to see strings in a low light setting
- lit strings indicate which strings are active (in chord or scale modes)
- strings light up when plucked (amazes audiences)
- strings light showing notes being played back for tutorial applications

Body Lights Up:
- visually exciting for audiences
- can be easily synchronized with stage lighting

Less Expensive than a pedal harp

Plays Through a Sound System:
- play in a rock or jazz band
- performs like an electric guitar that can use effects
- no feedback problems

Chord Mode - chords can be selected via pedal control muting unwanted strings, active strings are lit making it easy to learn even for beginners

Scale Mode - instant access to unusual tunings and modes for 'Blues' (great for jazz music) and 'Asian' scales (the Asian market has no stringed instrument that can do this)

Futuristic MIDI Features:
Musical Instrument Digital Interface allows the harp to:

- play sounds on a synthesizer/keyboard as you pluck the strings
- trigger synthesized background chords while playing live harp sounds
- record and play back notes that can be printed as a score
- self playing feature allows the harp to play back similar to a player piano (notes light up strings as harp sound is played back in sampled harp sound) This feature enables students to read music notation on screen and see the lit strings that are to be played
- play musical phrases and then add additional looped layers in real-time (i.e. accompany yourself by playing a chord pattern then layer the lead line) using any synthesized instrument sound along with the actual sound of the nylon strings. You can then playback the Harpella sound you have recorded using MIDI and accompany yourself with the actual sound of the plucked strings
- key changes can be controlled automatically when playing along with a MIDI arrangement
- lighting settings on the harp can be controlled automatically via MIDI